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Trust isn't given. It's earned.

The goal of Hypothesis Journal is to educate people on the properties of the cannabis plant, showing its uses and limitations while providing unbiased reviews on CBD companies and their products. The CBD market is a budding industry with low regulation. This makes it rampant in low-quality products and incorrect information. Our mission at Hypothesis Journal is to be a part of solving this problem by providing non-biased, evidence-based resources for all topics CBD.

Our team consists of doctors, master cannabis growers, and experienced CBD users. Together, we combine our decades of experience in all the facets of the cannabis industry to give you this comprehensive online resource. We aim to hold CBD companies accountable for the products they are selling and give our readers the tools and information they need to make healthy and confident purchases.

Dr. Ajay Rajesh, MD

Co-Founder & Editor in Chief

I founded Hypothesis Journal in early 2018 after I spotted a common problem. The Internet is home to 1.5 billion websites — yet, I found it quite difficult finding a website that provided accurate information about cannabis with no hidden agendas. 

While there is evidently a lot of free information available online, most of it is hard to trust. The majority of websites in the marijuana industry are funded by wealthy corporations, who always have a specific agenda in mind (resulting in biased and unreliable information). We’re proud to say there are no third party ads on Hypothesis Journal. 

Unbiased, accurate and reliable information about cannabis is hard to find. Here at Hypothesis Journal, we aim to provide it. Our mission is to provide valuable information you can trust. This is why our guides are written/reviewed by medical doctors, based on science and facts.

Hypothesis Journal will always be 100% free to read. All the content we publish is the result of our own elaborate testing and research.

We know trust isn’t given. It’s earned. 

Ayush Thej, MSc

Cannabis Educator & Editor

When Ajay described his vision for Hypothesis Journal, it made a lot of sense. A completely free marijuana knowledge base with reliable, science-based information and no hidden agendas. I couldn’t say no.

I’ve dealt with cannabis medically, recreationally and also studied the plant religiously over the course of 10+ years. Upon completion of my Human Nutrition degree, I spent the following 6 years further expanding my knowledge and finding out more about this peculiar yet magical plant.

But most importantly, we don’t want to make Hypothesis Journal about us. Hypothesis Journal was created by us, for you.

We know trust isn’t given. It’s earned.

Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD, RPh


Dr. Diana Rangaves is a pharmacist, philanthropist, and ethics professor turned writer. She holds a Doctorate from the University of California. She has over 30 years’ experience and 15 years’ as an academic professor; teaching critical thinking, ethics, pharmacology, addiction, behavior patterns, pharmacy, and nursing. She is also the co-founder of CANNIG – the medical cannabis/CBD training institute for pharmacists. Diana focuses on ensuring Hypothesis Journal’s content upholds the highest standards of factual accuracy. This helps us ensure that the information you receive from Hypothesis Journal is up to date, evidence-based and reliable.

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Carlos G. Aguirre, MD


Dr. Carlos G. Aguirre Velázquez has 30 years of experience as a specialist in Paediatric Neurology. He graduated as a surgeon from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL) and completed the Postgraduate Degree in Paediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Monterrey and later the Subspecialty in Paediatric Neurology at CENNA / HSJ Monterrey. He is also a published medical author in the field of CBD and paediatric neurology. His contribution at Hypothesis Journal is to review, fact-check and assess medical articles to ensure accuracy.

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Abraham Benavides, MD


Dr. Abraham Benavides is a family physician and medicine doctor based in Seattle, Washington. He has a keen interest in the untapped potential of CBD and cannabis-based treatments for the management of a wide variety of health conditions. At Hypothesis Journal, Dr. Abraham Benavides’s goal is to ensure the articles presented are interesting, based on real evidence, and free of any misinformation.

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Dr. Bhavik Saglani, MBBS


Dr. Bhavik Saglani is a health physician currently working as a consultant at Apollo Clinics in Tardeo, Kandivali, and Chembur. He pursued his MBBS in 2009 from Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences and accomplished his post-graduate course in Diabetology in 2015. In 2016, he also completed his Fellowship at the Royal Liverpool Academy. Bhavik helps the Hypothesis Journal team by reviewing and providing valuable feedback on our content.

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Dr. Vinod Prem Anand, MBBS, MD


Dr. Vinod Prem Anand is a Doctor from Chennai and has a total experience of 18 years in the field of medicine. After completing his professional medical studies and qualifications in the UK, he returned to India where he practices at Nalam Medical Centre, Fortis Malar Hospital and Apollo Spectra Hospital. Vinod is an experienced science educator, writer, and editor and assists the Hypothesis Journal team by medically fact-checking all content for accuracy.

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The CBD industry


Just 10 years ago, the CBD product industry was a subject that was lumped together with the cannabis industry, which has a history of being misused and having incorrect and damaging information spread about it. 

Now, in just 10 short years, CBD has become an incredibly popular supplement. Your grandmother who used to say that CBD products were drugs is now using CBD lotion to help soothe her joint pain. 

However, just because CBD products have become normalized and popular, that does not mean that many regulatory practices or laws are being enforced around the world. An unregulated market makes it easy for companies to produce, advertise, and sell poor-quality or misleading CBD products to the general public.

Our goal is to throw open the door to the CBD industry. We aim to expose poor-quality manufacturers while supporting and highlighting the companies that are making innovations and high-quality products in the CBD industry. We hope to educate the public about what makes a good CBD product and where these products can be found.

Ready to learn?

Educate yourself on CBD.

Here at Hypothesis Journal, we are devoted to giving you the most up to date information that we can, supported by evidence, facts, and data. 

We have handy user guides that have been designed to provide you with helpful insight, no matter what your experience level with CBD is. In addition, we supply you with our “conditions” pages that give you the best information and descriptions of the current medical research involving CBD to help with various health conditions. 

Lastly, our company and product reviews dissect the top dogs in the CBD industry piece by piece, so you can make an educated choice when purchasing your CBD products.

If you are ready to become an expert on CBD products, you have come to the right place!

Just to recap.. here's what you'll find on Hypothesis Journal:


    We promise all information on Hypothesis Journal to be trustworthy, accurate and science-based. We also provide relevant references in our posts to trusted and accredited sources.


    Unbiased information related to cannabis is hard to find. We aim to provide it. We do this without any hidden agendas. This means no third party ads. We will always be 100% free.


    Producing high-quality CBD products is one thing, but proving the quality is another. We praise companies that show the quality of their products through frequent third-party lab testing.


    We've spent a lot of time and money making the Hypothesis Journal website easy and comforting to use. We make the process of finding what you are looking for fast, simple and fun.

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